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Software Engineering, BS

The BS program in software engineering blends engineering, computing, project leadership and software construction, equipping students to develop creative software solutions to challenges in microelectronics and other industries. Graduates of the program will possess the knowledge and skills of a defined engineering approach to complex systems analysis, planning, design and construction.

Planning for Program Quality

This course introduces learners to topics around effective management and effective stakeholder management to ensure project success, teaching program quality principles essential to projects in multiple industries, including microelectronics.

Mechanical Engineering, BSE

Mechanical engineering is a creative, diverse discipline with application in the microelectronics industry and beyond. The mechanical engineering BSE curriculum includes the study of the principles governing energy transfer, mechanical design, sensors and control devices and the application of these principles to the creative solution of practical modern problems.

Supply Chain and Sustainable Materials

This course highlights the economic, health, and social impact of sustainable supply chains and materials and introduces frameworks for using them in microelectronics and other industries for triple-bottom line impact.

Materials Science and Engineering, BSE

The BSE in materials science and engineering addresses the discovery, synthesis, processing, manufacturing and characterization of substances widely used in the microelectronics industry, including sustainable materials, polymers, metals, semiconductors, ceramics and composites. The program prepares students to discover and design new and better materials.

Supply Chain Management and Integrating Cost and Value in Projects

This course teaches Supply Chain Management from the project cost management perspective and is designed to help future supply chain managers thrive in the microelectronics industry and beyond through comprehensive training in cost management and value methods.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

This course covers supply chains, what they are, and how companies in various industries, including microelectronics, can create sustainable supply chains. The course introduces learners to a framework can help companies to make supply chains more sustainable.

Manufacturing Engineering, BS

The BS program in manufacturing engineering prepares students for success in advanced manufacturing, including in microelectronics. Students will learn about statistical methods to control manufacturing operations; automated manufacturing systems for factory operation; manufacturing tooling and environments; production processes; and technological leadership.

Industrial Engineering, BSE

The BSE program in industrial engineering deals with design, improvement, installation and operation of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment and energy with the purpose of determining efficient ways to develop products and services in multiple industries, including microelectronics.

Environmental Engineering, BSE

The BSE program in environmental engineering equips students to handle a variety of issues related to microelectronics manufacturing including air pollution control; analysis of the fate and transport of pollutants; application of sustainable design principles; water and wastewater treatment systems; hazardous waste containment systems; solid waste management systems; remediation of contaminated soil, sediment and water; and water quality, conservation and reuse.