Working professional in the microelectronics industry

Design of Experiments

The Design of Experiments Specialization offers training in the experimental tools and methods that are widely used in the microelectronics industry to improve products and processes. The four-course specialization is offered in a fully online, asynchronous format that provides maximum flexibility for current workers.

Data Analytics Methods

This course provides training and predictive modeling for business settings, including the microelectronics industry. The course culminates in a capstone project that gives learners the practice and confidence necessary to connect, explore, and analyze data sources.

Battery Technologies – Microelectronics

This Battery Technologies specialization builds an in-depth understanding of batteries for applications in microelectronics and electric vehicles, addressing battery applications, architecture, cell chemistries, battery charging, battery management Systems and more.

Designing Anti-Fragile Microelectronics Supply Chains

Microelectronic design, fabrication, manufacturing, and transportation networks extend farther across the globe each day. Learn crucial skills to strengthen each link of these increasingly long and complex supply chains with the Designing Anti-Fragile Microelectronics Supply Chains certificate.

Fundamentals of Sustainable Supply Chains

In this course, you will learn how supply chain management, sustainability, and social responsibility work together to benefit companies in the microelectronics industry and beyond by exploring the fundamentals of sustainable supply chains to improve productivity and increase cost savings.

Global Context of Semiconductor Supply Chains

This course explores the linkages across global semiconductor supply chains and addresses the competencies and specialized knowledge necessary for semiconductor supply chain management.

Additive Manufacturing – Microelectronics

Learn about the growing field of additive manufacturing through an introduction to six different processes widely used in the microelectronics industry. This specialization is designed for learners interested in the applied basics of additive manufacturing processes and designs, including specific 3D printing methods.

Modern Supply Chain Principles

Begin your path to understanding the management of global supply chains across extended supplier networks with the modern supply chain principles course, which addresses basic economic, business and management principles across global industries, including microelectronics.

Planning for Program Quality

This course introduces learners to topics around effective management and effective stakeholder management to ensure project success, teaching program quality principles essential to projects in multiple industries, including microelectronics.

Supply Chain and Sustainable Materials

This course highlights the economic, health, and social impact of sustainable supply chains and materials and introduces frameworks for using them in microelectronics and other industries for triple-bottom line impact.