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Tailor-made partnerships to meet business needs

ASU is a partner of choice for microelectronics industry leaders, startup companies and government agencies. ASU also works closely with economic development organizations and local and state governments to spur the growth of Arizona’s microelectronics industry. Additionally, members of the Microelectronics Industry Council inform ASU on opportunities to address the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the growth of Arizona’s high-tech sector and collaboratively shape a resilient business environment.

Partnering with ASU provides access to:

●  ASU faculty experts and researchers

●  ASU infrastructure, facilities and equipment

●  The largest, most diverse technical talent pool in the nation

●  Opportunities for joint research projects and next-stage technological development

●  Partnerships and acquisition opportunities for established companies

ASU offers a wide range of partnership options and services capable of meeting enterprise needs at any scale. To connect with us and explore possibilities for customized partnership, contact our Navigator Service at [email protected] or 480-884-0125.

Partner with us

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Mostafa Aghazadeh

Arizona has an established foundation to drive success in microelectronics – the infrastructure, an economic climate built for growth, and a pipeline for talent and research through Arizona State University. ASU’s unique approach and alignment with the microelectronics industry makes it an essential partner to face current challenges and opportunities. By leveraging federal investments from the CHIPS Act, the National Science Foundation, and DARPA, as well as applying the New Economy Initiative to create Science and Technology Centers that will promote research and innovation at scale, ASU provides fertile ground for the growth of Arizona’s economic future.

Mostafa Aghazadeh Corporate Vice President, Intel

Unlock your capacity for innovation with ASU Core Research Facilities

ASU’s Core Research Facilities offer solutions to partners across the microelectronics supply chain, from startups to global enterprises. Designed for accessibility and flexibility, ASU’s R&D infrastructure provides tools, services, training and support from ASU experts to unlock opportunities and solve technical challenges.

ASU MacroTechnology Works, a national hub for microelectronics innovation, provides access to cutting-edge equipment, expertise, industry scale processing capabilities and characterization tools on a fee-for-service basis. MTW offers customizable space for industry partners to operate their own tools, allowing standard process flows to incorporate new materials and process innovations and giving startups a chance to demonstrate innovations at industry scale.