Industry Council

ASU’s Microelectronics Industry Council: supporting microelectronics manufacturing in Arizona and beyond

ASU’s Microelectronics Industry Council enables leadership, advocacy and collaboration among diverse high-tech enterprises, including multiple microelectronics industry leaders. Convening industry partners and academic experts, the Industry Council is proactively addressing the workforce, technology and resource challenges facing companies at the forefront of the microelectronics resurgence in Arizona and across the U.S.

Through the council, ASU and a growing network of high-tech companies are collaborating to align expertise, resources, human capital and infrastructure to ensure a resilient, secure microelectronics supply chain that brings companies the results they need and provides a future of sustained prosperity for Arizona.

The Industry Council connects partners to the university’s depth and breadth of academic expertise in materials and devices, circuits, systems, architecture, and advanced packaging integration. ASU is the largest provider of engineers for Intel and is working closely with other Industry Council members including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Applied Materials, and Microchip and many others to accelerate domestic manufacturing and research and development. 

ASU is also working through the Industry Council to align private resources to support the federal government’s strategic investment in microchip manufacturing through the CHIPS and Science Act, as well as the state of Arizona’s New Economy Initiative, which aims to revitalize Arizona’s high-tech industrial base.

As the most innovative university in the United States, ASU is committed to helping the private sector meet its current and future needs. To learn more about the Council, contact our Navigator Service at [email protected] or 480-884-0125.

Satheesh Kuppurao

To fulfill the opportunities created by the national focus on microelectronics manufacturing will require a collaborative effort between policy makers, industry and advanced institutions of higher learning. Applied Materials is excited to work with ASU on creative initiatives to advance semiconductor research and talent development.

Satheesh Kuppurao Vice President & General Manager, Front End Products, Applied Materials

New Economy Industry Council members