Working professional in the microelectronics industry

Manufacturing Engineering, PhD

The PhD program in manufacturing engineering provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully meet the most difficult challenges of modern manufacturing industries, including microelectronics, on a global scale.

Materials Science and Engineering, PhD

The PhD program in materials science and engineering prepares students for professional careers in multiple industries, including microelectronics, and academia. The program addresses a broad range of materials-driven challenges, such as energy efficiency, sustainability, functional nanostructures, electronic materials, biomaterials and polymers.

Mechanical Engineering, PhD

The PhD program in mechanical engineering emphasizes original research and provides students with a strong background for employment by academic institutions, government laboratories and industries such as microelectronics. The program offers a broad curriculum that provides a sound foundation in technical fundamentals, communication and professionalism.

Supply Chain Management, PhD

Supply chain management is a vital discipline for numerous industries including microelectronics and incorporates logistics management, operations management and supply management. The PhD in business administration with a concentration in supply chain management is a full-time residential program for students whose career goals are full-time university research and teaching.

Computer Science, MCS

The MCS program affords an opportunity for students employed in industry to seek a breadth of advanced education in computer science.The program reflects the dual nature of computer science as a scientific and engineering discipline by allowing emphasis on theory as well as practical applications, including in the microelectronics industry.